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Organic World Bathgate

Organic World Box contents for your next delivery

Item(origin) Veg box Mix box Fruit box
Potatoes (SC)
Onions (NL)
Carrots (UK)
Kohl Rabi (SC)
Savoy Cabbage (SC)
Courgettes (SC)
Sweetcorn (NL)
Rainbow Chard (SC)
Shallots (NL)
Red Pepper (ES)
Apples Braeburn (NZ)
Kiwi (IT)
Bananas (DO)
Oranges (ZA)
Pears (AR)
Plums (ES)
Lemons (ZA)

All enquiries should be made to your Box scheme provider

** Use of plastics. We try and keep the use of plastics to a minimum but where we do use them it is to ensure the freshness of the product and reduce food waste and minimise cross contamination. All plastics can be returned to us for reuse/recycling.

** All fruit and veg should be washed before eating.